Stacks documentation

Learn about Stacks mining, the STX token, and the Clarity smart contract language

Understand Stacks

Graphic for: Overview
OverviewLearn more about the Stacks 2.0 blockchain
Graphic for: Proof of Transfer
Proof of TransferUnderstand the proof-of-transfer consensus mechanism
Proof of Transfer
Graphic for: Testnet
TestnetTest your smart contracts and apps

Write smart contracts

Graphic for: Clarity overview
Clarity overviewOverview and guides for getting started with Clarity
Clarity overview
Graphic for: Tokens
TokensLearn about token support within Clarity
Graphic for: Functions
FunctionsSee a detailed list of all functions for the Clarity language.

Run nodes and miners

Graphic for: Running a mainnet node
Running a mainnet nodeSet up and run a mainnet node with Docker
Running a mainnet node
Graphic for: Running a testnet node
Running a testnet nodeSet up and run a testnet node with Docker
Running a testnet node
Graphic for: Mine mainnet Stacks tokens
Mine mainnet Stacks tokensSet up and run a miner on the Stacks 2.0 mainnet
Mine mainnet Stacks tokens
Graphic for: Mine testnet Stacks tokens
Mine testnet Stacks tokensSet up and run a miner on the Stacks 2.0 testnet
Mine testnet Stacks tokens

GAIA and more

Graphic for: Gaia overview
Gaia overviewDecentralized storage architecture for off-chain data
Gaia overview
Graphic for: Glossary
GlossaryA comprehensive list of terms used within the ecosystem.
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