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Stacks Releases


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Stacks Blockchain Releases

All releases are published here. Most important ones are described below.

Stacks 2.1

Scheduled for release at the end of 2022.

More information on what to expect with Stacks 2.1.

Stacks 2.05

Activated on Bitcoin block 713000.

This breaking change enables storage cost for list to be based on actual length and change in number of indexed I/O operations. More info on this blog post.

Stacks 2.0

Activated on January 14th 2021

This hard fork enables Stacking, Clarity smart contracts, scalable transactions, and also building directly on Bitcoin. More info here.

Stacks Genesis

Released on 2018, October 30th UTC+6 at Bitcoin block height 547921

This hard fork addresses registration of digital assets with Stacks token and also distribution of Stacks token to the existing purchasers. More info here.